LLC Member’s Right to information

The right to information is a management right and one of the fundamental rights of the members of a limited liability company, which right is manifested […]

Purchase of real estate – tax regulation

Taxation of the transfer of real estate ownership (purchase, exchange, inheritance, donation, entry and exclusion of real estate from a company, acquisition by law, acquisition by […]

Acquisition of business shares – legal transaction

Business shares in a limited liability company (LLC) can be acquired in several ways. One of them is the acquisition of business shares in a limited […]

Limited liability company incorporation

According to Croatian Companies Act (Official gazette 111/93, 34/99, 121/99, 52/2000, 118/03, 107/07, 146/08, 137/09, 111/12, 125/11, 68/13, 110/15, 40/19; hereinafter referred to as: “CA“), a […]

Foreigners – acquisition of the real estate in the Republic of Croatia

Foreigners are allowed to acquire the real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the special conditions provided under the Ownership and Other Proprietary Rights Act. […]

Lucrative real estate acquisition

ACQUISITION OF REAL ESTATE IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA BASED ON LUCRATIVE LEGAL TRANSACTIONS    In general, there are two basic possibilities for the sale and […]