Acquisition of Croatian citizenship

There are four legal bases for acquisition of the Croatian citizenship: origin, birth in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, naturalisation and international agreements. Each […]

Stay and work of citizens of the EEA member states in the Republic of Croatia

From the moment when Croatia became a full member of the European Union (EU) the most common question in the context of one of the four […]

LLC Member’s Right to information

The right to information is a management right and one of the fundamental rights of the members of a limited liability company, which right is manifested […]

Purchase of real estate – tax regulation

Taxation of the transfer of real estate ownership (purchase, exchange, inheritance, donation, entry and exclusion of real estate from a company, acquisition by law, acquisition by […]

Acquisition of business shares – legal transaction

Business shares in a limited liability company (LLC) can be acquired in several ways. One of them is the acquisition of business shares in a limited […]

Limited liability company incorporation

According to Croatian Companies Act (Official gazette 111/93, 34/99, 121/99, 52/2000, 118/03, 107/07, 146/08, 137/09, 111/12, 125/11, 68/13, 110/15, 40/19; hereinafter referred to as: “CA“), a […]